Why Jason Hope Donated $500,000 To Atherosclerosis Research

Recently, it was revealed that Arizona entrepreneur Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, a medical research organization dedicated to researching the major diseases that affect the U.S. population.

The donation will go to researching atherosclerosis, one of the nation’s biggest killers. But Mr. Hope has other reasons for wanting to expand the body of knowledge of this terribly costly disease. Mr. Jason Hope has been aware for some time that, increasingly, it is gaining acceptance among medical experts that the inflammatory processes underpinning atherosclerosis also contribute to nearly every major disease process, including aging itself.

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Stopping The Problem At Its Source

Mr. Hope has long been a close follower of the cutting-edge trends in medical research. Even as a young man, he was fascinated with the intersection between medicine and technology and all of the incredible potential that exists for the eradication of most disease.

It was this intense interest in the state of the medical arts that brought Mr. Hope’s attention to an increasing body of research indicating that inflammation may be the culprit in a huge percentage of all diseases. It had long been known that an inflammatory immune response was behind atherosclerosis. If this process could be better understood on the molecular level, it may be possible to prevent everything from glaucoma to skin wrinkles.

With this in mind, Mr. Hope sought out the SENS Foundation, one of the world’s leading medical research facilities. His donation will help further humanity’s drive to prevent the inevitable diseases of aging.