What is there to Know about Julia Jackson?

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson was born in San Francisco, California, in 1988. Growing up, she remembers her father making them pick and sort grapes while he taught them the importance of hard work. While working at the Jackson family wineries, she formed a bond with a French-speaking daughter of one of the employees. She learned French, and is passionate about the culture. She was able to teach French to sixth-graders during her college years at Scripps College, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. After that, she attended Stanford Graduate School of Business for her General Management Certificate. She now works in the marketing department, and with the international sales team at Jackson Family Wines, helping introduce her family’s wines to the next generation of wine drinkers around the world.

In 2014, Julia founded the Seeds of Empowerment program at Cambria Estate Winery. This nonprofit organization provides grants to “Warrior Women” across the US and around the world. These WJulia Jacksonarrior Women, are leaders and charitable organizations that do amazing things. The grants provide them the funding to continue doing them. Julia is very passionate about this nonprofit.La Crema is just one of the brands that Jackson Family Wines produces, based out of Sonoma County in California. Founded in 1979, The Jackson Family Wines company purchased La Crema in 1993, and increased the quality of the wines. This brought up the reputation for La Crema.