Troy McQuagge Bags One Planet Awards for Best Chief Executive Officer Following His Diversified Medical Plan

Troy McQuagge was awarded in 2016 for being the chief executive of the year. He bagged the One Planet Awards of the year. The USHEALTH Group head cheerleader and chief executive officer bagged the award due to his efforts in providing the best health care insurance policies in the United States of America. He was also honored for expanding the services of the company to other states through its affiliates.


While giving a speech of appreciation, Troy McQuagge said that he was honored and elated to have bagged the One Planet Award. He also recognized his team. These are the people who work with him at USHEALTH Group to provide the best medical care plans for clients. Troy said that the award represented everyone who works with his in saving lives through providing the affordable, reliable and fast medical insurance policies. He said that were it not for the team, there would not have been an award in the first place. To Troy, the award represented his active and able team of professionals. He closed the speech by saying that USHEALTH Group remains dedicated to ensuring that all clients can access affordable health care plans and more information click here.

One Planet Awards

One Planet Awards is a global recognition of the best organizations in the world. The awards are usually conferred to individuals, businesses, service delivery firms and professionals who commit to giving the best products and services to clients. The One Planet Awards are open to every company that wishes to participate. From private firms, public to startups, these awards have no restrictions on participants. The awards come in various categories and slots including new products in the industry, public relations, marketing and executives, teams and organizations. The aim of One Planet Awards is recognizing the best there is in the industry and learn more about Troy.

Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is an avid, successful entrepreneur. He is also a career executive who has advanced his career over time. He comes from Panama, Florida. His career dates back to Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. He worked as a sales person. He left the company in 1995 to join UICI, United Insurance Companies Inc, a group of student insurance divisions. He was promoted to the company’s president after two years of service and Tory of Website.