The Wax Man, Malcolm Casselle

In simple laymen’s terms, Wax is a very effective problem-solving company. The objective is to provide people with the option of being able to trade their virtual assets within a marketplace that is secure and still trustworthy. There are so many websites that seem to be legit and people believe they can trust these sites with their assets but this where they go wrong. If these same people were to invest their assets in Wax and trade through this worldwide marketplace, they would be making a much smarter decision.
This company seems to solve two of the biggest problems when buying, selling, or trading assets and those are fragmentation and fraud. Like mentioned above, your assets are always safe and secure when you transfer goods through Wax. You are easily able to instantaneously buy and sell which allows for greater customer feedback and reliability. You will now know that if your payment did not go through instantly, something may be up and you will easily be able to check if there is a problem before it grows and gets out of hand.
Another great feature of Wax is that you can now buy and sell these virtual goods while always staying in your game, you never have to click off or out of it.
So who started such a great company like Wax. The man was Malcolm CasSelle. CasSelle is an entrepreneur who is the President of Wax and CIO of OPSkins. He had earned his bachelor’s degree from MIT and also a master’s degree from Standford University. Both of these were in Computer Science. CasSelle can fluently speak Japanese and Mandarin.
But how did CasSelle think of such a great company as Wax? It was quite simple. CasSelle thought there should be a secure way to trade virtual currencies and assets without having to worry about fraud websites. And so this is where the idea was born, the great idea of Wax, a place for gamers and currency traders alike to allow for trading, buying, and selling with the confidence of a bank.