Securus Technologies Implements New Wireless Containment Solution To Reduce Contraband In Prisons

Since its inception, Securus Technologies has been a notable name in the field of prison communications. The company has undergone a series of shifts, which have all contributed to the company being the prominent name that it is today. The company takes immense pride in the quality of services that they provide and stands as one of the most sought-after prison communications providers in America. The company has also helped the judiciary by providing them with tools to carry out inmate monitoring. These devices have helped the justice system incredibly, thereby helping to maintain better public safety.


Securus Technologies has always made the technology that they use the main point of their services. The company has always managed to stay on top of the current technological trends that govern the markets, so as to be able to provide a better pool of services to the prisons that they are implemented at. Recently, the company came forward to announce the introduction of their new Wireless Containment Solution.


To reduce contraband, particularly cell phones in prisons, the company implemented cellphone service blockers as a part of this solution. This means that certain networks, that are not approved by the prisons, and which are not implemented by Securus Technologies will be blocked. Inmates who are in possession of cellphones would not be able to use them as a result of this, thereby limiting their communication to just the permissible mediums.


There is no doubt that prisons across America do see a lot of prison crimes taking place, and illegal activities being planned out between inmates and their associates on the outside. The implementation of this will allow prisons across the country to better monitor the communication that inmates have with the outside world.


The Wireless Containment Solution has brilliant synergy with the previous inmate monitoring system that Securus Technologies had implemented. According to this system, all phone calls, whether voice or video, would be recorded by the company and stored for future records. This has helped prisons to understand better the inmates and what they are doing while within the walls of the prison. In the past, this technology has proven to be incredibly useful as it has helped catch criminal activities happening within the prison promptly. The communications have also been presented in courts of law to serve as evidence for the criminal activity happening inside the prisons.


Securus Technologies has time and again been commended for the incredible service that they have been doing to society through their monitoring systems. The new Wireless Containment Solution is just another step that the company is taking to improve their services and be one of the more efficient prison communication service providers in America.