Ronald Fowlkes: Business Development Manager of FirstSpear

Ronald Fowlkes has been involved in the design development and delivery of equipment for officers and enlisted individuals throughout the armed services for over 20 years. Prior to his current position at FirstSpear Ronald had experienced working as a military product sales and business development manager through the company ITW. As the current director of business development for FirstSpear. Ronald has been able to utilize his extensive experience and knowledge to help grow the business.

He first came in contact with FirstSpear equipment while serving in the US Marine Corps. It was during that time that he realized the equipment was rather well-made and upon realizing that it was made in his hometown he knew that he would like to be a member of the company. He describes the company as the Ferrari of the tactical world. The company does business through trade shows and marketing activities but also with contracts through the Department of Defense and state law enforcement agencies.

The company has many contracts with various members of NATO in addition to their numerous local and state law enforcement agency contracts. Ronald believes that being a customer of the company first has helped him to have faith in the product and services that they continue to deliver. As the company continues to develop new equipment for security personnel they hope to implement new technologies to help push the industry forward.

While he is now a part owner in the company, the company was around for a lot longer than he has been a part of it. I believe in teamwork strongly influences the success of his ideas. Ideas come from the field from the users of their equipment and are delivered up the chain of command to the business development staff. One of the most significant advancements in recent years has been the development of new laser cutting and tube technology that has been able to lighten equipment loads by around 40%.

While he has been very successful in his life, there is one piece of advice that he would like to give to his younger self. Life is too short for regrets, and one must learn from their mistakes. Ronald likes to write everything down as this has allowed him to help keep track of what his achievements are and to continue making progress in various aspects of his life. He believes that it is of paramount importance that you surround yourself with good people. It is impossible to do everything that needs to be done by yourself so learning how to delegate tasks and responsibilities is imperative for your long-term business success. If you spend your time focusing on your customers your business cannot help but grow.