Rocketship Education: The Foundation For a Brighter Tomorrow

Rocketship public schools is an excelling education system intent on unleashing the potential of its staff, students, and parents. This national network of elementary public charter schools is serving students in the Nashville and D.C area; currently serving the most students in the San Francisco Bay Area of California as well.

Charter schools have proven to be best for students, performance wise. Data shows that charter school students graduate college up to five times the national average. Rocket ship public schools continue to fit the description by ranking in the top (10%) ten percent of their public elementary school districts.

Rocketship is able to achieve and maintain these goals by ensuring each student receives one on one attention. They ensure parents are empowered and that the staff is prepared for success. Granted with the autonomy to be innovative. Rocketship charter schools are able to tailor their curriculum and methods to ensure the advancement and high-quality education of the students they serve.

As advocates for personalized learning Rocketship conducts annual home visits to their student’s home. This helps build stronger, more trusting relationships. Home visits allow teachers, leaders and parents to gain better understanding of how to best serve their students.

Rocketship education encourages parent empowerment. They have established a parent leadership program to help parents and families take their children’s education into their own hands. Helping them the gain the tools to hold the people responsible for their child’s education accountable, and overall enhance and secure their child’s educational future.

Rocketship public schools seem to have the fundamental understanding that education is more than just a career path. School is more than just a place to go and ‘learn’. It’s an essential, sacred process for a young scholar; that will be used to draw from, for the rest of their lives. Education is the foundation for a life of unlimited possibilities. Rocketship public schools know this and strive every day to strengthen that foundation.