Rick Shinto is the force driving InnovaCare to success

Rick Shinto seats as the president and the chief executive officer at Innovacare Health Solutions. He has over two decades experience in healthcare management. Shinto has served various organizations where he held different executive positions. He started pursuing his medical career path in Southern California as a pulmonologist. He studied at the University of California where he attained his B.S. Later, he joined the University of New York and achieved a degree in medicine. He continued with his studies at the University of Redlands and acquired his M.B.A.


Rick Shinto is believed to be the force of change in InnovaCare Health Solutions. He became the company’s CEO in 2012 and quickly helped the company to achieve significant success. Due to its affordability and yet delivering better healthcare, the company has a substantial number of followers. The company also makes good use and embraces technology, and as a result, they have cheaper and quality services, alluring residents to choose the InnovaCare plan over medical insurance covers.


The company’s core values illustrate that the company thrives in providing quality medical care. InnovaCare dwells on certified and committed professionals to ensure its stability. Rick Shinto also says that the company emphasis on teamwork, particularly enhancing good communication skills, working relationship and having a vision to bring success. The team at InnovaCare is results-oriented and works with transparency to table quality results.


Rick Shinto and his team of leaders have a mission of redefining health care systems in the current world. The company has two associates in Puerto Rico which offer care programs to promote both emotional and physical health and has acquired a customer satisfaction rate of 90 percent.


Rick Shinto realizes that as an individual he cannot achieve the dream of InnovaCare alone and hence works hand in hand with Penelope Kokkinides who serves as the chief administrative officer. Penelope Kokkinides also brings in over two decades of vast experience and skills in clinical programs development. She also has knowledge when it comes to managing health care operations and is efficient in organizing infrastructures.


Rick Shinto as a healthcare expert he brings technical experience and leadership gathered from his service in operational and clinical healthcare. During his tenure in Aveta Inc. Rick Shinto was honored with Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, an award that honors individuals committed to excellence. Shinto thrives in offering client protection and improved quality of services in InnovaCare Health Solutions.