Review of Fabletics marketing techniques

Amazon is a giant retailer with a lot of power in almost every market. The company specifically controls 20% of the fashion market. This has yet to stop Kate Hudson from doing what she loves. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has grown over $250 million in three years. She is not just building any ordinary brand of clothing. Hudson has not just taken someones clothing idea and marketed it better.


Fabletics is joining in on the ‘activewear’ trend where there has been more of an emphasis on comfortable workout attire. The company sells its merchandise by getting its customers to subscribe and continuously pay for the premium products. Convenience and high quality merchandise are two words consumers love to hear.


Customers often like to purchase brands that are the most stylish and show a higher standard of living. Clothes, housing and vehicles are often how we show our social status.


In the past the price and quality of a product determined how competitive a company was. Now the focus is more on quality customer service and recognizing a brand. Life goes by fast and it is hard to pick out certain brands when we are constantly bombarded with dozens of advertisements and promotional messages every day. Also having a company that truly cares about each customers satisfaction is a winner.


Often times a company will struggle with retaining customers because their loyalty is just not there. There will be people that will browse the website on their own time and new end up buying somewhere else that offers cheaper prices. Fabletics works to turn every customer visit into a positive outcome whether that means a purchase or an intent to return on a later date. Their goal is to build positive relationships with customers and keep them returning for more. Fabletics aims for half of their customers to already be members upon walking in a store or entering a website. Another quarter of the people that walk into the store will become members later.


When joining Fabletics as a VIP member your first membership fee will be $25. Then after that every month you continue paying you can get 2-3 piece outfits for around $50. If you want to skip a month that is perfectly fine. There will be no charges for that month.


To get started you take a survey on what kind of outfits that you like to wear. Then each outfit is handpicked at the beginning of each month.


The quality of the items has been better than expected. For the price you pay you end up getting a lot better quality then other places.


The range of styles is great. You can choose to wear tank tops, t-shirts, leggings or yoga pants. There are also many different patterns.