Omar Yunes Redefining The Mexican Franchise Industry

In December 2015, Omar Yunes was one of the Mexican representatives to attend the Best Franchisee of the World competition held in Florence, Italy. He was accompanied by Ivan Tamer, a franchisee of Prendamex, as the two top-ranked franchisees from Mexico. From the contest, Omar Yunes emerged as the Best Franchisee in the World. This award is given to individuals who have displayed exemplary performance in their contributions to the franchises they represent.

Omar Yunes is a franchisee of Sushi Itto, a Japanese chain of restaurants in Mexico. Emerging first place from a diverse pool of contestants was no easy fete. The BFW competition featured participants from 34 nations including Argentina, Brazil, France, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, and Portugal. The objective of this award is to recognize franchisees who demonstrate innovation, leadership, teamwork, as well as the continuous improvement if operational processes in the brands they represent.

According to the national organizer of BFW Mexico, Diego Elizarrarras, the victory of Omar Yunes represents the international growth and recognition of Mexican franchises. It puts national franchises on the radar of foreign entities and businesspeople. His activities and entrepreneurial spirit have acted as a moving force in the relationship between franchisees and franchises. This has led to the enrichment of Sushi Itto as a brand.

Benjamin Cancelmo, the CEO of Sushi Itto, forwards that the BFW award given to Omar Yunes is a testament to their combined effort to ensure customers receive excellent service, unique hospitality, and extraordinary taste. It also represents the establishment of a working framework that makes the franchise stand out.

About Omar Yunes
He has been very ambitious and determined to succeed from an early age. As an entrepreneur, this drive has enabled Omar Yunes to become one of the youngest millionaires in Mexico. He first became a franchisee of Sushi Itto at the age of 21, and at present, he controls 13 units under the umbrella of the franchise in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. This number accounts for approximately 10% of Sushi Itto’s business units. His franchise units employ more than 400 individuals.

Omar Yunes also has significant investments as a real estate developer. He owns a condominium complex in Polanco, as well as several units in New York.