Madison Street Capital Expertly Assisted ARES Security Corporation Acquire the Best Capital Provider

Last Year, Madison Street Capital offered financial advisory services to one of their clients, ARES Security Corporation. The security software solutions provider was looking for a financier to invest in minority equity and subordinated debt in the firm. Madison Street Capital identified Corbel Structured Equity Partners as the most fitting for their requirements. Madison Street Capital’s senior M.D., Reginald McGaugh, led the successful transaction.


Worthy Partnership


Reginald noted that he was delighted and honored to work with one of the leading security technology providers whose strong management team challenged Madison Street Capital to get them the best financier. Equally, ARES Security Corporation’s President Ben Eazzetta said that they were happy about Madison’s efforts and the process they took to get them the most appropriate financier.


The Much-Needed Capital


With a new capital structure, Ares Security Corporation will be able to continue enjoying high sales. The investment will enhance ARES equity value. With the supportive team at Corbel merged with their reliable capital solutions, ARES will be in a position to take up new income-generating ventures that will significantly grow the firm.


About ARES Security Corporation


Ares Security Corporation is a high-end security technology and risk management provider based in Vienna, Virginia. It is well known for protecting the most vital assets and intricate systems run by the government and other major industries, such as the transport, nuclear, and energy.


About Corbel Structured Equity Partners

Corbel Structured Equity Partners (CSEP) is a reputable investment fund, which was founded in 2013. With $95 million capital, the firm focuses on acquiring non-controlling stakes in profitable private companies. The company also offers strategic and operational advice to these businesses.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking corporation founded in 2005. The firm has massive expertise in financial advisory and opinions, capital raises, ownership transfers, merger and acquisitions, and valuation that help their clients grow and succeed in the ever-evolving business arena. Madison Street Capital reputation grows because of the firm’s ability to target both private and public companies in the middle market.


Madison Street Capital is driven by the need to offer their clients personalized services. The firm has an understanding that each customer has unique needs and thus goes an extra mile of analyzing and carrying out due diligence for accurate services provision. Since its inception, Madison Street Capital (MSC) has continued to grow in leaps and bound to be internationally recognized. The firm has a presence in North America, Asia, and Africa and it is undoubtedly the most sought after financial advisory firm.


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