Madison Street Capital exclusively steers a merger between DCG Software Value and the Spitfire Group

Early 2017, Madison Street Capital (MSC) oversaw the signing of a merger deal between two technology firms. The merger deal featured DCG Software value and The Spitfire Group. DCG Software value specializes in the provision of function point analysis, software estimation, and software management services. The Spitfire group, on the other hand, is a business oriented technology consultancy provider. Mergers are types of business ventures that involve two firms coming together to form a new independent entity. Mergers are helpful for companies seeking to boost their capital base or those operating in risky environments.


MSC, a reputable international investment-banking adviser, acted as the sole advisor to the two firms during the merger process. Charles Botchway, MSC’s CEO announced the transaction on January 4, 2017. However, no further details of the merger deal were disclosed. Botchway went ahead to express his confidence in the two firms and the deal they just signed. He cited the experienced management teams at both DCG and Spitfire as the major resource for the new entity.


In retaliation, Mike Harris, the CEO of DCG Software, expressed his satisfaction with MSC’s advisory service. Mike hailed MSC’s prowess in financial advisory. MSC provided both firms with expert advice and insight on how they could grow their value together. Mike expressed his willingness to collaborate with Mike Richtermeyer, the CEO of Spitfire, in the new venture. With expertise in software advisory services and business technology, the new venture has mega opportunities in the current technology intensive business world.


Madison Street Capital


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