How Doe Deere Began Her Now Famous Cosmetic Line

Doe Deere is best known for her success in the beauty industry, but she actually has experience in the industries of music and fashion as well. Doe is often asked how she came to be the successful creator of an innovative line of cosmetics. She usually responds by recounting her early teen years when she first began creating her own fashion looks. In addition to wearing plaids with stripes, she also began experimenting with different types of makeup styles. She recalls one particular instance when she was at a slumber party with two of her school friends dressing up in gypsy style attire. They felt they needed a different type of makeup, which led Doe to her first makeover using non-traditional colors.


Making the Most of Technology


The name of her now popular cosmetic company was the result of using her own favorite color as part of the name. When Ms. Deere did an online search for the name Lime Crime she found it was available, so she registered it as her company name. At the time she liked it because it not only included her favorite color, but also rhymed, which made it fun. The name Lime Crime has come to embody the spirit Ms. Deere often captures in the makeup and fashion styles she uses herself. When it comes to her line of makeup, she is often praised for being able to think outside the box.


As a successful businesswoman Ms. Deere has found herself on the cover of Self-Made magazine. Not only is she highly admired within the field of business, but she is also often asked to speak at motivational events for women. Ms. Deere believes in treating her employees and customers with respect. She is also extremely proud of the customer support team she has available to help her fans with any questions they might have.