Fortress Investment Group Finds Gold in Non-Performing Risky Assets

Fortress Investment Group a global investment firm that specializes in alternative assets finds gold in the non-performing risky assets categories that have provided an opportunity to create gigantic returns on investment. In particular, Peter Bridger the Principal and Co-Chairman of Fortress Investment Group has provided exceptional leadership and guidance that has established tremendous returns and profound increases in value within the global investment organization. Fortress currently oversees assets valued at more than $65 billion which are providing the resources and infrastructure to dominate in the credit fund and real estate businesses on a global scale. Peter Briger has established himself as a profound leader and exceptional investor within the alternative asset market by creating windfalls within Fortress Investment from his experience and expertise.

Furthermore, he’s a graduate of Princeton University where you received Bachelors in Arts. He also received his Master’s in Business Administration from Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. His first job opportunity was as a Member and Managing Partner at Goldman Sachs where he oversaw global operations in various business categories. In particular, Peter Briger sat on the Global Control and Compliance Committee and Asian Management Committee within Goldman Sachs which provided high-level education in various global market variables for high-level perspective in global affairs and investment opportunities. Peter Bridger also served as Head of Whole Loan Sales and Trading business, Fixed-Income Principal Investment Group, Asian Distressed-Debt business, and also the Goldman Sachs Special Operations Fund.

Those opportunities laid the foundation for the keen intellectual analysis and evaluation of alternative asset groups around the globe and gave Mr. Briger the perspective and knowledge that translated into valuable intellectual capital for the formation of the Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and quickly became one of the pillars in the alternative asset investment arena and established itself as a world-renowned investor in underperforming assets. In 2007, Fortress Investment Group became the first private equity buyout firm to be traded on the stock exchange. Fortress has outperformed most companies within the alternative asset arena and establishes itself as a leader in this category and is continuing to reap benefits that are outside of the scope and belief of most traditional investors. Fortress Investment Group is a global investment firm that creates opportunities for long-term returns on investment for it clients and establishes itself as one of the leaders and most well-respected investment firms in the world.