Dr. David Samadi Is Celebrated for His Contribution to Robotic Surgery

Dr. David Samadi is a renowned medical practitioner who specializes in the diagnosis in addition to treatment of urology diseases. Samadi is a certified urologist. He is trained to provide treatment therapies for prostate cancer, bladder cancer as in addition to kidney cancer. He also majors in invasive treatments made for prostate cancer. Samadi is an expert in the treatment of laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, laparoscopic robotic surgery as well as radical robotic prostatectomy.

Early Life

Samadi was raised in Iran. He left the community in 1979. Samadi relocated to London and later to the United States of America. He joined Roslyn School in New York before enrolling for a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at the prestigious Stony Brook University. Samadi won a scholarship. He was an industrious student who committed time to score good grades. In 1994, he attained his first medical degree from Stony Brook School of Medicine (S.U.N.Y). He later focused on his postgraduate training where he capitalized in urology. Samadi was a student at the Montefiore Medical Centre.

Samadi’s Contribution

In 1996, Samadi joined Albert Einstein College. The school of medicine provided competent, medical courses. Samadi scored high grades, and in 2000, he enrolled at Montefiore Medical Centre. One year after the enrollment, he joined the Memorial Sloan Kettering Center for Cancer for a course in robotic radical prostatectomy.

Samadi’s Experience

Samadi first practiced at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He then joined the Medical School of Mt. Sinai as the vice chair of Urological Department. He also served as the head of robotics as well as invasive surgery. In 2012, he topped the list of some of the best-paid doctors. He earned $7.6 million.

Samadi Joins Lenox Hill

In 2013, Samadi joined Lenox Hill Hospital. His medical team accompanied him. He served as the chief of robotic surgery and the head of urology. Hofstra North Shore appointed him as the professor.

The Television Show

Samadi has been instrumental in providing treatment options for prostate cancer. To contribute to better treatment, he launched a television show in 2017. Sunday Housecall with Samadi is an informative broadcast that updates viewers on the current medical stories, health issues, and the reliable, treatment methods.

Additional Information

The show airs every Sunday. Samadi hosts different medical professionals who are equipped with the right medical skills to treat patients. Samadi’s show can be watched on YouTube or Twitter. Samadi uses this show to disseminate critical, health information to citizens.