Doe Deere’s Inspiring Interview

Makeup artist and founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, set aside some time to get interviewed by Idea Mensch online. She shared her insight on her life and what got her into makeup and this specific career. The insight is inspiring and definitely a reason to be a fan of Lime Crime cosmetics.


She said the idea was formed back in 2004 when she sold her own DIY fashion items on eBay. It became a decent success but eventually paved the way for her to find her true passion in makeup and cosmetics. She launched the actual company back in 2008 just a few years after. Doe Deere explains that ideas can come to her both easily and oftentimes after awhile. She says she struggles like everybody else to stay motivated and inspired, but when she does get that hint of inspiration, she does act on them as soon as she can.


Doe Deere is a huge proponent for the world of eCommerce, and she explains how much she loves the fact that there is so much of a trend in the fact that online shopping is becoming more of a thing. Lime Crime was indeed originally one of the first in the industry to focus mainly on eCommerce, and eventually others followed suit because of the demand for reaching clientele nationwide and internationally.


Doe Deere loves her brand because it focuses primarily on bringing bright and big colors to the forefront of your needs. If you want that eyeshadow that pops out with brightness, this is the best way to do just that. Her goal is to inspire women to follow their dreams and pursue their passions.


Her biggest regret she explains in the interview is that she wishes she had started sooner on her career in this industry because she does know for sure that there is no time to waste. She clearly knows that her work in this industry is making an impact, and she wants to inspire every person to go out there and stay true to oneself and follow the career they want in life. In the end, she says that the one thing that she stands true behind is the fact that she treats all of her employees and staff with huge respect for what they do. Doe Deere is a respected women in the makeup industry, and she respects others who help her on this journey.


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