Betting with on College Football

There are concerted efforts in America to legally thwart behavior by the public that does not benefit the government monetarily. To me, outlawing gambling is one of those things. In some places in the country, people can legally gamble, but in others, it is illegal. However, this is all simply a product of propaganda versus a lack of virtue of some kind. In one of my favorite John Wayne movies, The Quiet Man, even the clergy took odds on a town wide brawl in Ireland. To make honest betting something other than fun is just wrong.

I have had this approach to gambling my whole life, but placing bets on college football is my favorite sport mode of gambling. First of all, I love the college game. I feel the only way to actually enjoy a game is to have some skin in the game, so I bet on the games. It ups the level of intensity tenfold. My friends and I do not get carried away, but the thrill of winning money has made our college football watching infinitely more thrilling.

We are all so let down when we lose and even more so now that we know we will not be getting a free party. We do not wager much, but on championship games, we do collectively bet much larger amounts. Additionally, I am a skilled bettor, so I have a separate more professional slant on my personal betting. However, we do use the professional platform for this fun collective betting that I also use for my professional betting. The website we use is called because I honestly do not like to lose even when the gambling is for fun.

It is ironic that I love it more for the less seasoned bettors that my friends are because it offers a better chance for winning. However, I am good enough in making NCAAF odds that I really do not need the benefit of a spread. For me, it is just insurance and but another positive in utilizing this site for my fun and my serious college football betting. In addition, thanks, we have many more group parties, and we have even utilized some of our winnings to take trips now.