Anthony Petrello Great Management Skills That Has Made Him The President Of Nabors Company

Anthony Petrello is a well-known individual with a vast experience in the oil industry. He happens to be one of the few people with a lot of say in the oil and gas sector. Currently, Anthony Petrello is the President and Board Chairman of Nabors Industries, the leading geothermal and Oil Company in the United States. Apart from the United States, Nabors Industries has expanded its operations since opening its gate in 1968. It now has operations in the Middle East, Far East, and in Africa.

Anthony Petrello attended Harvard Law School and acquired a J.D degree. Anthony later attended Yale University and graduated with a BS degree in Mathematics. He furthered his education and earned an MS in Mathematics still at Yale University. Upon his graduation, he kicked off his professional career in 1979 and joined Baker and McKenzie, a law firm.

He rose up the ranks, and in 1986, he was appointed as the managing partner for the company’s office in New York. He held managing partner position until 1991 when he left for Nabors Industries. He became the chief operating officer until 1992 when he became the President of the Industry. Tony became the Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries until 2012 when he finally became the Chairman of the Board.

Anthony’s total compensation for FY 2015 was valued at $27,512,939. Out of this, $1,580,077 comprised of salary while $7,727,000 comprised of bonuses. $16,863,656 was made of stock while $1,342,206 comprised of other compensation forms.

A person who knows Tony Petrello very well is his college friend, Lloyd Grove. According to Lloyd Grove, Tony was excellent in Mathematics and a lecturer’s favorite. He adds that Tony was a great company to be with, and he spent most of his time making jokes and laughing with friends especially during meal times.

Nobody has a good story all through, but there are ups and downs. Anthony’s daughter, Cerina, was born early and she developed periventricular leukomalacia due to lack of oxygen to the brain. This later turned to cerebral palsy. However, this made Anthony to be philanthropic, and he donates millions to the foundation searching for the cure of this menace.