An Overview of Doe Deere’s Morning Routine

It is a fact that successful individuals all over the world have certain routines which they follow almost every morning. That is what Lime Crime’s founder Doe Deere does every morning, plan her daily routines to ensure she accomplish her goals. During an interview with Savior Flair, Doe said that she normally wakes up at 8.30a.m. every day, she believes enough rest is a secret to clear and amazing skin. Preparing breakfast in her kitchen is the next thing she does before contemplating what her day would look like. Doe Deere’s breakfast includes fruits, yogurt and freshly prepared orange juice.

Keeping in touch with her team is another routine done by Doe before going to the office. As a way of thinking about new products and ideas, Deere tries as much as she can to keep digital information out of her morning routines. This makes her focus on her own creativity. Deere further explained that when doing makeup, she likes listening to music, especially The Beatles. Music from this group takes her down memory lane because she grew up listening to them. Doe has two pets which she likes to spend some of her time with them in the morning. According to her, they are adorable and she cannot ignore them as part of her morning routine. Deere arrives at her office around lunchtime, and after having lunch, she holds several meetings with her team the entire afternoon. She prefers to complete her task by 6 p.m., but in some instances she can stay until midnight.

Personal Background of Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born in Russia and grew up in New York City. She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics. As the founder of Lime Crime, her objective is to prove to the world that cosmetics provide self-expression and freedom to those using them. She believes beauty is not always natural, but what an individual feels right to use at any given time. This made Doe launch her own line of cosmetics in 2008 which led to the formation of Lime Crime. The firm specializes in the manufacture of human-friendly cosmetics that command an international following. Doe settled on the word Lime Crime as her favorite color as well as her desire to develop nail polishes, lipsticks and eye shadows.

Doe Deere started her business as a small entity, but later became very successful. This has motivated her support other women entrepreneurs and those operating their own businesses. During public events like Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMEExpo, Doe advises women to follow their ambitions as a way of achieving their goals. She is a mentor and motivator of emerging female entrepreneurs, where they interact with on Instagram. Doe is a person who believes in her vision and her clients. Understanding what she wants to accomplish and the needs of her clients allows her to take better decisions confidently. Listening to others, especially customers and employees enables her to resolve issues and learn where to improve.

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