A Successful Philanthropist And Entrepreneur Who Has A Strong Belief In Education

A firm believer in education, entrepreneur and philanthropist Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian successful businessman. He holds a degree in medicine and an MBA from INSEAD School of Business. In his career, he has launched several very successful companies and has held executive leadership roles in several companies.

His first job after graduation was an associate at McKinsey & Company, where he proved his abilities and was then made the engagement manager. He worked for Renova Project as the chief operating officer and later the Chief executive officer and also as the senior vice president of Skolkovo Foundation before he started his own company A-Ventures in 2007.

He also founded Endemic Capital that specialized in offering counsel and advice to individuals in the country regarding business ventures. In 2006 he founded the New Gas Technologies which was a group of related companies that deals in commercializing the new technologies to upgrade their products into high octane streams.

He also currently the head of Mechanicus Business. Having founded these companies, he faced several challenges and gained insights and knowledge useful for his career. The experience has made him a talented and expert in his business field.

The prnewswire.com features a report revealing the strategic plans that he is intending to use in the launch of SOLVY.com. He has worked passionately had fir the business and idea and intends to launch it successfully to the people.

Also, his keen interest in education have been featured where he looks forward to interacting with people from all works of life who are as passionate in the software as he is to exchange ideas for the betterment of the software.

Alexei Beltyukov knows how hard it is for startup companies and entrepreneurs to break even in the market. For that reason he began the Endemic Capital to find entrepreneurs from Russia in their pursuit to launch their goods and services to the market.